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Martin OM28 Marquis (New)

Larrivee OM-40 NEW (We are now a Larrivee dealer)

Mesa Boogie Cab-Clone NEW

Danelectro DC 59M NOS guitars NEW

Gisbson Memphis ES-335 2012

Jackson RR-1 Nebula finish 2009 Used

Suhr Rasmus Standard S100 2011 Used

Fender Stratocaster Rustic Ash 2013

Danelectro Convertible RI

Fender Telecaster 1973 (Highly modified)

Mesa TA30 Combo USED 2013

Fender 75 Block Tele 2011

Jackson Kelly KE-2 Ghost flame green 2002

Vintage Univox Super Fuzz pedal

Gibson Hummingbird 1975

Martin 00018 2009

Music instrument lessons available including: guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, steel guitar, percussion, piano ukulele, violin and dobro.



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